NY sheriff sounds alarm as migrants cross northern border in record numbers: 'None of this is humane'

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A New York sheriff sounded nan siren connected "Fox & Friends First" Tuesday astir nan "significant increase" in forbidden migration astatine nan bluish U.S. border. 

Clinton County sheriff David Favro told hosts Todd Piro and Carley Shimkus that migrants will do "just astir anything" to transverse nan border. The region sits on nan Canadian separator successful nan northeast area of New York. 

"People are incredibly hopeless and we each cognize what happens erstwhile group are desperate. They'll do conscionable astir thing to execute their ain individual goals," said Favro, adding that migrants are not prepared for nan utmost acold and unsmooth terrain and immoderate person drowned trying to transverse waterways. 


Favro said "none of this is humane," and if Congress closed nan borders coming it would return astir 5 to six years to "get backmost onto our feet."

"What we saw precocious pinch nan attack connected our colleagues and rule enforcement down successful New York City, was conscionable repulsive. And it's somewhat alarming that our authorities tin guidelines by and watch thing for illustration that hap and deliberation that it's successful immoderate measurement remotely acceptable and not going to proceed to beryllium a larger early problem."

Favro described really individuals are crossing from Canada into nan United States. 

"You person individuals coming from overseas countries that person important amounts of money. So those families tin spend to salary for transportation. They tin really return them, get a level thrust and alert correct into Montreal and past activity their measurement down to nan border. And galore others are being smuggled. Many others are ending up pinch package deals that they tin bargain from nan cartels, upwards of $10,000-12,000, to beryllium capable to springiness them maps to get themselves up done nan landline from Mexico, each nan measurement up present to Canada," he said. 

New York, Vermont and New Hampshire counties person seen a grounds uptick successful forbidden separator crossings successful nan past 4th arsenic much migrants are reportedly crossing into Canada to debar detection.

As much migrants swarm nan confederate border, expanding numbers person turned to nan less-fortified, much expansive U.S.-Canada border, nan New York Times noted successful a study published Sunday, detailing really U.S. officials astatine nan bluish separator person recorded 191,603 encounters pinch group crossing into nan United States past year, a 41% summation from 2022.

While astir still usage ineligible ports of entry, much than 12,200 migrants were apprehended crossing illegally from Canada successful 2023, a 241% uptick from nan 3,578 arrested nan erstwhile year.

Canada does not require travelers from Mexico to person a visa to participate nan country. As a result, nan Times study said, a 295-mile portion of nan separator on those northeastern states known arsenic nan Swanton Sector has seen a tremendous increase.

Fox News' Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.