Patrick Mahomes likes playing the ‘villain role’ as Chiefs prepare for Super Bowl LVIII

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The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to go nan first NFL squad to triumph back-to-back Super Bowls since nan New England Patriots accomplished nan feat successful nan 2003 and 2004 seasons. 

Kansas City will play successful its 4th Super Bowl successful 5 years against nan San Francisco 49ers connected Sunday successful Las Vegas arsenic nan NFL’s existent dynasty continues. 

Speaking pinch Nate Burleson of CBS, Mahomes said nan Chiefs person felt nan dislike this play arsenic their winning ways person continued. 


"You decidedly person gotten that consciousness this year," Mahomes said. "I deliberation this is nan twelvemonth that really has benignant of came retired that way. That’s portion of it. You move into that villain, you move into that squad that everybody doesn’t want to win. 

"You person to clasp that too, successful bid to beryllium great. And I deliberation you’ve seen nan greats do that successful each athletics whenever they commencement building dynasties and worldly for illustration that. And we want to do that, and we want to stamp retired this Super Bowl win."

Mahomes said he has embraced nan villain domiciled this play arsenic nan Chiefs were forced to spell connected nan roadworthy successful nan NFL Playoffs for nan first clip since he took complete nether halfway successful Kansas City. 


"I do, man," Mahomes said erstwhile asked if he likes playing nan "villain role."

"And I don’t deliberation I really understood it until this year. When you get successful nan playoffs, and you’re connected nan road, and you cognize it’s conscionable you and your teammates versus everybody, it’s a different perspective."

Mahomes has a chance to subordinate an elite backmost group pinch a triumph successful Super Bowl LVIII. A triumph complete nan 49ers and Mahomes will subordinate Troy Aikman pinch 3 Super Bowl victories and will beryllium tied for 3rd all-time. 

While he’s still a ways off, Mahomes is inching person to Tom Brady, whose 7 rings are nan astir of each time. 

Mahomes didn’t look focused connected surpassing Brady erstwhile asked astir it during Super Bowl opening night.

"I mean, I'm not moreover adjacent to halfway, truthful I haven't put a batch of thought into it," Mahomes said Monday, via "I mean, your extremity is to beryllium nan champion subordinate that you tin be. I cognize I'm blessed to beryllium astir a batch of awesome players astir me. 

"And so, correct now, it's doing immoderate I tin to hit a awesome 49ers squad and effort to get that 3rd ring. And past if you inquire maine that mobility successful 15 years, and I'll spot if I tin get adjacent to seven. But 7 seems for illustration a agelong ways distant still."

Super Bowl LVIII kicks disconnected astatine 6:30 p.m. ET astatine Allegiant Stadium connected Sunday. 

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos contributed to this report