Rand Paul: Kentucky so upset with McConnell over Ukraine and border, a top Democrat could win his seat

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Senate Homeland Security Committee personnel Rand Paul argues Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's continued support for Ukraine assistance and his domiciled successful spearheading nan grounded separator measure person angered Kentucky voters astatine location and could costs him his job.

Paul claimed McConnell's penchant for siding pinch nan "big government" helping of nan Senate Republican caucus – which he said routinely sides pinch Democrats – would lead voters successful his red-leaning authorities to eschew statement allegiance and dump nan seven-term senator.

In consequence to McConnell telling Politico location has ever been a mini group of critics wrong his Republican ranks aft nan separator woody fell apart, Paul said nan GOP leader's critics whitethorn alternatively beryllium nan existent majority.

"[Mitch is] wholly retired of touch pinch Kentucky Republicans, pinch blimpish Republicans; advocating for each this money to spell to Ukraine – We're not for that, cipher successful Kentucky's for that," Paul said connected "The Ingraham Angle."


"His support ratings successful Kentucky are almost beneath zero. They are nan lowest of immoderate elected charismatic successful nan United States. He is moving pinch Biden and Schumer to chimney your money to Ukraine, but he's not moving pinch conservatives, truthful he is successful nan number of his caucus."

Host Laura Ingraham past posed a blunt mobility to Paul, asking whether Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear – who won re-election successful 2023, and is nan boy of celebrated erstwhile Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear – could conclusion nan four-decade Republican icon successful his red-leaning state.

"If Governor Beshear ran for his Senate spot and nan predetermination were held tomorrow, who would win?" she asked.


"Beshear," Paul replied, frowning.

While Kentucky has been a reliable authorities for Republicans astatine nan statesmanlike level since George W. Bush, and successful nan Senate for somewhat longer, it has only elected 2 Republican governors since Louie B. Nunn successful 1967.

McConnell won his past 2 re-election contests by an mean of 17 points. He is besides nan longest-serving Senate statement leader of immoderate stripe; taking up nan domiciled upon nan 2007 status of Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

On nan rumor of nan Lankford-Sinema-Murphy separator legislation, McConnell had been supportive of its negotiations for months, earlier yet admitting this week it had go a doomed proposition.


"It's been made beautiful clear to america by nan speaker that it will not go law," McConnell precocious said, which led Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. to declare McConnell and Republicans are "quaking astatine nan knees successful fearfulness of Donald Trump."

Rand Paul told Fox News nan separator measure had go a "ruse" and that nan authorities was successful actuality a "bone… thrown to conservatives."'

"They were ever worried that if conservatives sewage upwind that it was a ruse, that it wasn't existent separator reform… it would beryllium destroyed. So nan crippled each on was to support this successful concealed from us, but besides concealed from anybody that mightiness look astatine it [or] mightiness knock it," he said, blaming Senate Republican activity for nan dynamic.