Rapper Killer Mike clashes with 'The View' host after praising Brian Kemp: 'Don't lie on me'

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Rapper Killer Mike fought pinch big Sunny Hostin connected "The View" Monday aft offering immoderate praise of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, while besides explaining he's focused connected local elections erstwhile asked to explicate why he wasn't endorsing President Biden yet.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Killer Mike, a longtime progressive activist, astir why he was hesitant to endorse Biden, to which he replied group should attraction connected their section communities.

"We get caught up successful nan soap opera of national elections and that's fine, but if you are concerned pinch nan national election, and you don't cognize your metropolis council, your wardsman, you don't cognize who your politician is, and you don't person a bully database of authorities representatives aliases governor, past you're conscionable a portion of whoever wins nan Super Bowl, nan fanfare," he responded during his media appearance.

The rapper supported Sen. Bernie Sanders successful 2016 and besides worked pinch Georgia's Democratic Sens. Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock successful their successful campaigns, which collapsed longtime Republican winning streaks successful nan state.


He said nan astir important predetermination for him is going to beryllium Atlanta's mayoral title and Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, who he said was doing a bully occupation pinch lodging successful nan city. Killer Mike, an Atlanta native, besides offered immoderate praise for Kemp, who he said has done a bully occupation pinch businesses successful Georgia. 

"In position of nationally, I’m conscionable benignant of doing what my grandfather said. Staying retired of White folks' business and watching what happens. I’m going to spot what happens. If there’s a campaigner that pops up astir September, October, that needs a push that’s really, policy-wise is bully for america that’s going to jump up, but correct now I don’t want to beryllium progressive successful nan soap opera because I’m worried astir what’s going connected successful Atlanta connected nan hyper-local level," he said. 

Kemp has a unsocial spot successful politics, becoming a villain among Democrats for his gubernatorial victories complete statement favourite Stacey Abrams successful 2018 and 2022, arsenic good arsenic his support for voting reforms that liberals maligned arsenic suppression tactics. However, he besides ran afoul of erstwhile President Trump by not going on pinch his stolen predetermination communicative successful nan authorities successful 2020.

Hostin told Mike she mislaid him pinch his "support of Kemp," and nan rapper pushed back.


"Not support of Kemp," he said. "That's immoderate misinformation. You tin not for illustration me, but don't dishonesty connected me." 

"He's nan politician of my state, I person to beryllium progressive pinch him, I can't divorcement myself," he continued. "But fto maine opportunity this, if you knock someone, don't lie. Don't opportunity I didn’t support [Stacey] Abrams because I did. Don’t opportunity I don’t support Democrats because I’ve helped get 3 Democratic mayors elected, 2 authorities representatives elected, but if personification is successful nan king’s seat, I’m not going to not person meal pinch nan king connected behalf of my people. I person to do that."

Hostin past provided Killer Mike pinch a database of Biden management accomplishments for nan Black community, citing debased employment, investments successful HBCUs, increases successful Black wealthiness and more. She told nan rapper that she hoped he'd see her points.

The rapper was precocious arrested astatine nan Grammys, and told nan co-hosts of "The View" that he couldn't speak astir nan arrest, but said it was h2o nether nan bridge.

"I deliberation nan backstage was overcrowded. I deliberation nan winners were exuberant, and I deliberation information sewage a small over-zealous, and it’s h2o nether nan span for me," he said.