San Francisco mayor London Breed now faces a fourth major challenger to her reelection

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A erstwhile interim politician of San Francisco announced Tuesday he's moving for his erstwhile job, joining a competitory section of candidates who opportunity nan metropolis has crumbled nether nan watch of Mayor London Breed, who is up for reelection this year.

Mark Farrell served arsenic interim politician of San Francisco from January to July 2018, erstwhile Breed was elected to decorativeness nan word of Ed Lee, who died successful office. The lawyer and erstwhile metropolis supervisor said he had not planned to return to authorities but feels he has nan correct skills to move San Francisco around.

"It is really achy to watch nan metropolis you emotion and you grew up successful maligned crossed nan globe," he said successful an question and reply pinch The Associated Press. He has scheduled a property convention for later Tuesday morning.


Breed, nan first Black female to lead San Francisco, was reelected successful 2019 to a afloat word that has lasted 5 years since voters changed nan predetermination almanac to statement up pinch statesmanlike contests. There is nary accepted March primary. Instead, each nan contenders will look connected nan November ballot and voters will rank them by preference.

San Francisco's downtown has struggled to retrieve from nan pandemic, and residents and businesses proceed to kick astir vandalism, shop break-ins, shelter encampments and unfastened supplier use.

"Polls show she is going to person a very difficult reelection," Eric Jaye, a seasoned Democratic governmental consultant, said of Breed's chances. "Her situation is that voters successful San Francisco are successful a beautiful sour temper ... and they want to clasp personification responsible."

Jaye is not moving for immoderate of nan candidates this rhythm but successful erstwhile mayoral races, his communications patient has represented mean and progressive candidates in San Francisco and San Jose.

San Francisco has a estimation of upholding progressive politics, but nan 4 awesome candidates, including Farrell and Breed, are considered centrist Democrats successful that they mostly favour constabulary and business interests.

The different superior candidates are Supervisor Ahsha Safaí and Daniel Lurie, a philanthropist and heir to Levi Strauss.

While she's not connected nan March 5 ballot, Breed is pushing a brace of nationalist information proposals that are.

Proposition E would springiness constabulary nan powerfulness to usage drones and surveillance cameras, among different argumentation changes. The different point connected nan ballot, Proposition F, would require adults connected use who are addicted to forbidden narcotics to person curen successful speech for rate assistance.

Critics opportunity nan ballot measures are not successful statement pinch San Francisco voters who worth privateness complete surveillance and encouraging alternatively than mandating participating successful supplier curen programs.

Lurie is besides raising money for Breed’s Prop. E — while arguing Breed should person done much earlier successful her term. Safaí calls nan proposition racist, arsenic group minorities are already overpoliced.

Farrell, who besides supports nan measure, says if elected, he will beryllium fierce successful beefing up constabulary staffing, clearing each ample shelter encampments and providing incentives for businesses to bring downtown workers backmost to nan office.

Lurie leads successful fundraising pinch astir $4 million, including $1 cardinal from his mother Miriam Haas to a governmental action committee backing his campaign. Haas is simply a business personification whose precocious hubby was nan great-grandnephew of Levi Strauss.

Meanwhile, governmental action committees supporting Breed person raised $1.3 million, including $200,000 from Michael Bloomberg, erstwhile New York City mayor. Safaí has raised conscionable complete $300,000.