SEAN HANNITY: They are finally ‘waking up’ to Biden’s age problem

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Fox News big Sean Hannity discussed really astir 9 successful 10 Americans surveyed opportunity they consciousness President Joe Biden is "too old" to service a 2nd word arsenic president. He asked connected Monday night, "when was nan past clip 86% of Americans agreed connected anything?"


SEAN HANNITY: After Joe Biden's latest drawstring of bizarre gaffes highlighting problems pinch his property and memory. While Democrats and nan Left, they are waking up to what we person been telling you connected this programme for years now. And that is nan White House has a monolithic problem pinch Joe Biden. It's an property problem, and it's bad. And it's now evident that Joe Biden is not fresh to service arsenic your president. 

Last nighttime while exiting Marine One, well, present we spell again. Biden appeared to deed his head. This comes arsenic a new ABC canvass shows that a staggering, look astatine this, astir 9 successful 10 Americans, 86% of you, nan American people, think, rightly truthful successful my view, that Biden is excessively aged to service different word successful nan White House. That'd beryllium 5 much years. With nan state truthful divided, erstwhile was nan past clip 86% of Americans agreed connected anything? Most group can't work together connected nan clip of day.

And nan rumor of his property and cognitive diminution are not going to get better. The cognitive diminution is degenerative. It gets worse, not better. And anyway, Biden hasn't had a clean, blunder-free nationalist arena that we tin deliberation of successful months now. And astatine this point, moreover a complete makeover will apt not thief him flooded nan damning typical counsel report. And he's not getting immoderate younger. They can't flight what's happening. But don't worry, our giggling vice president told nan Wall Street Journal she is fresh to serve, and she sounded beautiful eager to return over, if you inquire me. The only problem is somehow, magically, she's little celebrated than Joe.