Steelers cut Mitch Trubisky as quarterback room gets thin heading into offseason

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The Pittsburgh Steelers released 3 players connected Monday pursuing Super Bowl LVIII, and among them was backmost Mitch Trubisky. 

NFL Network reported some sides said astir nan existent business in Pittsburgh, and nan 29-year-old backmost opted to get a caller commencement successful free agency. 

Offensive lineman Chukwuma Okorafor, who has been pinch nan squad for six seasons, was besides released on pinch punter Pressley Harvin. The moves saved Pittsburgh adjacent to $13 cardinal successful net headdress abstraction heading into nan offseason. 


Most of that came from Trubisky, who was group to relationship for much than $7 cardinal against nan Steelers’ headdress for nan 2024 campaign. The Steelers ate $4.6 cardinal successful dormant headdress money, while redeeming $3 million. 

Why is Trubisky’s merchandise a applicable one? The first-round prime by nan Chicago Bears was Kenny Pickett’s backup, truthful connected nan surface, it doesn’t look for illustration thing that would raise eyebrows.

However, pinch Mason Rudolph, nan backmost who started nan Steelers’ playoff crippled against nan Buffalo Bills this past season, group for free agency, Pickett will request a caller backup. 

Ryan Tannehill has been a sanction connected pinch nan Steelers, arsenic nan seasoned is besides group for free agency aft being benched successful favour of rookie Will Levis pinch nan Tennessee Titans this year. 


Jacoby Brissett, Tyrod Taylor, Sam Darnold and galore much quarterbacks will beryllium disposable who could springiness Pickett title for adjacent season. 

Head coach Mike Tomlin erstwhile again led his group to nan playoffs contempt sadistic violative accumulation that yet led to nan firing of violative coordinator Matt Canada midway done nan play (to nan delight of galore Steelers fans). 

Pittsburgh vanished 25th successful full yards per crippled (304.3) and 28th successful points scored per crippled (17.9), though they managed to squeak successful arsenic nan last chaotic paper squad successful nan AFC pinch a 10-7 record.

The Steelers’ defense was a formidable group that kept their squad live successful games, and though it wasn’t pretty, nan discourtesy managed to people conscionable capable to get nan occupation done. The defense besides helped successful that respect connected juncture arsenic well. 

Trubisky initially began nan 2022 play arsenic nan Steelers’ starting quarterback, pinch nan rookie Pickett waiting down him. After going 2-3 successful his first 5 starts, Tomlin benched Trubisky successful favour of Pickett. 

This past season, Trubisky started conscionable 2 games, some of which came precocious successful nan play erstwhile Pickett was injured. He went 0-2 successful those games earlier Rudolph took over.

Now, Trubisky will look to apt beryllium a backup elsewhere successful nan league, while nan Steelers will beryllium smart pinch their adjacent prime astatine quarterback.