Super Bowl LVIII: Best commercials from epic Chiefs-49ers matchup

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For nan 2nd consecutive year, nan Kansas City Chiefs delivered an epic Super Bowl victory. This time, nan squad needed overtime to get past nan San Francisco 49ers for their 2nd consecutive title.

As overmuch of nan world was focused connected nan teams going head-to-head successful Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII, location were plentifulness of group either watching nan crippled and nan commercials aliases conscionable watching nan commercials. 

And pinch each nan punts early successful nan game, location was plentifulness of clip for advertisements.

Read beneath for immoderate of nan champion commercials that aired.



The Cetaphil commercialized appeared to beryllium Taylor Swift-inspired, though nan institution didn’t mention nan popular star. The advertisement showed a begetter watching shot connected Sundays and trying to get his girl to beryllium connected nan sofa pinch him. As she learned personification she admired was being featured successful nan games, she began to get much interested.

Her begetter buys her a No. 13 jersey and starts to deterioration nan relationship bracelets that "Swifties" deterioration to her concerts. The 2 past commencement to watch games together.

Tom Brady was successful 2 commercials during nan Super Bowl – 1 for Dunkin’ and nan different pinch Vince Vaughn for BetMGM. In nan Dunkin’ commercial, he stands down Ben Affleck arsenic nan character tries to wow his superstar woman Jennifer Lopez successful nan booth.

Affleck enters pinch his team, featuring Brady and Matt Damon, successful a Dunkin’ sweatsuit and puts connected a show for Lopez.

"We talked astir this," Lopez said.

Uber Eats featured a mini "Friends" reunion connected Sunday night. Jennifer Aniston evoked immoderate contented to 1 of nan assistants connected group successful nan commercial, saying, "Well you cognize what they say, successful bid to retrieve something, you’ve sewage to hide thing else."

The words of contented group disconnected a concatenation reaction. David and Victoria Beckham hide that Victoria was successful nan Spice Girls. David Schwimmer says hullo to Aniston for a mini "Friends" reunion, but past she forgets who he is.

Country euphony prima Jelly Roll looks astatine his tattoos successful nan reflector and wonders if personification wrote connected his face.

Mired successful contention complete nan summer, Bud Light came up pinch nan "Bud Light Genie" for their Super Bowl ad. The ghost granted nan friends successful nan commercials a fistful of wishes.

Peyton Manning and Post Malone make an appearance.

"Judge Beauty" was successful convention during nan Super Bowl arsenic Judy Sheindlin held court. The advertisement featured stars from nan bid "Suits." Rick Hoffman and Gina Torres spell head-to-head arsenic Torres was accused of "using institution costs for overpriced makeup."

Sarah Rafferty appears arsenic nan stenographer, Meghan Trainor is simply a newsman connected nan segment and Emmanuel Acho is nan bailiff. 

Hoffman, Torres and Raffery weren’t nan only "Suits" stars who made an quality successful nan commercials.

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams were among those who "auditioned" to beryllium nan adjacent Magenta Status spokesperson. The spot featured Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Hudson, Laura Dern and Common.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise released its Super Bowl advertisement a fewer days early.

The spot featured Kate McKinnon arsenic she wondered what she was going to make pinch immoderate of nan things successful her fridge. The feline connected her antagonistic appeared to say, "Meow," but McKinnon takes it arsenic "mayo."

McKinnon and nan feline past look connected greeting shows crossed nan state arsenic she thinks nan feline tin talk. Mayo feline gets truthful celebrated it moreover caught eyes from comedian Pete Davidson.

Rob Gronkowski attempted to rectify his section extremity miss from past year. FanDuel offered bettors a wager to spot if he would redeem himself successful his section extremity effort during nan Super Bowl.

Gronkowski lined up for nan section extremity and missed erstwhile again.

The erstwhile NFL prima reconvened pinch Carl Weathers aft nan miss and nan institution paid tribute to nan precocious character who died days earlier nan afloat commercialized aired.