Supermodel Kate Moss's sister credits OnlyFans for getting 'confidence back'

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Lottie Moss, nan half sister of supermodel Kate Moss, is proud of her activity pinch OnlyFans.

Moss, 26, first joined nan adult subscription site successful 2022. While she is focusing much of her clip connected acting pinch a caller domiciled successful "April X," Lottie only has fond memories moving successful beforehand of nan camera for her fans.

"When I first started doing it, I loved it, and it was thing that had fixed maine truthful overmuch state and made maine truthful confident," she exclusively told Fox News Digital. "And, I conscionable consciousness for illustration I could really clasp my femininity erstwhile I was doing it and conscionable beryllium proud of who I was." 


Moss added, "I deliberation I mislaid a batch of assurance successful myself erstwhile I was doing modeling, because you're consistently comparing yourself to different group and different girls, and, you know, if you're gangly enough, skinny enough, aliases whatever. 

"But pinch OnlyFans, you don't person to beryllium immoderate of that. You conscionable are you, and group emotion you for who you are, immoderate that is."

Moss believed her clip moving connected nan photo-sharing tract "was thing I really needed."

"At that clip successful my life, I was coming to a really bad spot pinch modeling and my intelligence health, and it conscionable benignant of sewage maine back," she said. "Now I've sewage my assurance back. I consciousness like, right, I tin do thing other now. I tin do different things pinch my life."


She admitted a fewer misconceptions came pinch nan territory of moving connected OnlyFans owed to its "taboo" nature.

"OnlyFans is thing that's truthful astonishing for a batch of azygous moms to do because they tin activity from home, they tin look aft their kids, they make a batch of money, and … it gives a batch of group a batch of opportunities to show what they're made of. It's benignant of like, you know, TikTok nowadays," she said. 

"It's a imaginative level wherever you tin show truthful galore different aspects of your characteristic and show galore different sides of your life. You ne'er know, group mightiness really for illustration it." 

She added, "I've met truthful galore girls that person conscionable like, thrived done OnlyFans. I deliberation it's thing that's still a small spot taboo successful this time and age, which I conscionable don't understand. There's truthful galore models that do naked shoots and person each of that out, but because it's for Vogue and it's not OnlyFans, it's different or, you know, truthful galore actresses that spell naked for films and person activity scenes, but that's OK. But past OnlyFans isn't. I conscionable don't understand that. But, I deliberation we're benignant of getting location successful nan world where, you know, women and group are allowed to benignant of clasp their sexuality a spot more."


Her characteristic movie debut, "April X," was a invited astonishment and a earthy modulation from moving online to being connected a movie set. Moss was successful Bali erstwhile she sewage nan telephone to activity connected nan movie.

"I was reasoning I was like, I really want to do thing different. I really want to do thing that challenges maine a small bit," she said. "I utilized to do a batch of for illustration play erstwhile I was younger. I was successful a batch of like, you know, theatre for illustration benignant of accumulation things. I conscionable had ne'er pursued it because I conscionable went consecutive into doing modeling."

"This is thing that I've ever really wanted to do, and I've ne'er done it. And I want to beryllium capable to get to nan extremity of my profession and conscionable beryllium like, I did it all. You ne'er cognize until you effort thing for illustration this arsenic well, whether you could beryllium like, really good."

Moss first recovered fame successful American Vogue arsenic 1 of Kate's bridesmaids from her 2011 wedding pinch Jamie Hince. Three years later, she signed pinch a modeling agency and was soon posing for Calvin Klein, nan aforesaid marque Kate was known for making celebrated successful nan '90s.

Moss past posed for her ain first Vogue screen successful 2016. Her personage Rolodex is besides thick, and she has been spotted pinch Bella Hadid, Gavin Rossdale's girl Daisy Lowe and Jude Law's children — Iris and Rafferty Law.

She caught immoderate backlash successful 2022 aft defending nepotism successful a since-deleted station shared connected X. Kate, who turned 50 successful January, and Lottie stock nan aforesaid father, Peter Moss.

"I'm truthful sick of group blaming nepotism for why they aren't rich | and celebrated aliases successful - evidently it's not adjacent that group who travel from celebrated families are getting a limb up because of that but conjecture what? Life isn't adjacent - if you put your mind to thing you tin accomplish," she wrote astatine nan time.


Moss admitted that she "shouldn't have" posted her thoughts truthful eagerly. "I deliberation I was trying to get thing crossed that conscionable didnt work," she said. "There are conscionable definite group that get one-ups successful life. Life isn't fair."

"I person definite friends that are truthful rich, for illustration they've really rich | parents that bargain them a flat. They don't person to interest astir rent, bills, nothing. I'm for illustration … I find that much unfair than maine being Kate's sister, honestly. I'm like, my sister's ne'er fixed maine immoderate money, my parents person ne'er fixed maine money, I've worked since I was 15."

She explained really difficult it was knowing group who benefited from nepotism successful different ways pinch parents who "buy them everything, they person cars fixed to them, they went to a backstage school."

"I paid for nan backstage schoolhouse I went to," Lottie said. "I started moving astatine 15. Like, yeah, I decidedly sewage jobs from my sister's name. But like, I would person loved immoderate much money. I'm for illustration truthful suspicious of my friends that person like, houses bought for them. I'm like, I want a house. Like, not bought by me. I want it bought by my parents."