Thai lawmakers consider ban on recreational marijuana 2 years after legalization

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Two years after Thailand made cookware legal, nan state appears group to ace down connected its freewheeling supplier marketplace pinch a prohibition connected "recreational" use.

Legal cannabis has fueled Thailand's tourism and farming trades and spawned thousands of neon greenish shops, but it's facing nationalist backlash complete perceptions that under-regulation has made nan supplier disposable to kids and caused crime.

The Health Minister Chonlanan Srikaew said past week that he had recommended a draught measure to nan Cabinet that would prohibition recreational cannabis usage while allowing medical. The Cabinet is expected to o.k. sending that Parliament soon, but has not yet taken it up arsenic of its astir caller gathering connected Tuesday.


A draught type of nan rule that was circulated for nationalist remark successful January would make utilizing cannabis "for intermezo aliases pleasure" a crime punishable by a $1,700 fine. It would let aesculapian marijuana, but didn't springiness specifications of really it would beryllium controlled.

Thailand was nan first state successful Asia to legalize cannabis. Decriminalization was spearheaded by nan Bhumjaithai Party, which made it a awesome portion of its level successful nan 2019 wide predetermination campaign. The party’s stronghold is successful nan mediocre Northeast, wherever it promised farmers cannabis would beryllium a caller rate crop.

Party leader Anutin Charnvirakul became wellness curate and an important personnel of nan military-led coalition, pushing done a 2022 amendment to nan Narcotics Law that dropped cannabis from nan database of controlled drugs.

Anutin had promised that cannabis would beryllium allowed only for aesculapian use, but successful believe nan marketplace was astir unregulated.

The Health Ministry issued regulations that made cannabis a "controlled herb" that requires a licence for planting aliases selling, arsenic good arsenic banning online sales, income to pregnant women and group nether 20, and nationalist smoking. But cannabis tin beryllium purchased easy by practically anyone astatine galore unlicensed establishments aliases online.

Thai media was quickly filled pinch reports of drug-fueled unit and abuse, including among young people, who were not expected to person entree to nan drug.

The Health Ministry reported a spike successful group seeking curen cannabis-related psychological issues, from much than 37,000 patients successful fiscal twelvemonth 2022 to much than 63,000 patients successful 2023. Other studies pointed to much young group utilizing nan drug.

In nan 2023 predetermination campaign, each awesome parties — including Bhumjaithai — promised to limit cannabis to aesculapian use.

Kalyapat Rachitroj, a lawmaker from nan guidance Move Forward Party who has a aesculapian degree, said nan works has economical benefits, and has uses successful wellness attraction to relieve symptom and for terminally sick patients. But, she said, wide recreational cannabis has created societal problems specified arsenic younker supplier abuse.

Given nan existent situation, "we person nary action but to put marijuana backmost to beryllium classified arsenic narcotics erstwhile again."

Cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs reason a extremist rollback.

Chokwan "Kitty" Chopaka, a cannabis shop proprietor and activistic successful Bangkok, acknowledged problems involving cannabis usage but said they are owed to lax enforcement of existing regulations.

She said galore officials still spot cannabis arsenic a vulnerable narcotic. "Where we, connected nan different hand, spot it arsenic a plant. It’s an herb. It’s thing that we person had traditionally for a very agelong time."


Rattapon Sanrak, nan laminitis of Thailand’s first ineligible cannabis shop, said it would beryllium an overreaction to put cannabis backmost connected nan narcotics list.

He besides said nan move would beryllium impractical aliases moreover impossible, fixed really large nan manufacture has grown.

"I don’t deliberation there’s anyone who disagrees pinch nan power of usage for underage children. No 1 wants to spot group puffing weed connected nan street," he said. "Sellers … besides don’t want to spot those thoroughfare vendors who waste without a license."

He called for much chat connected nan champion measurement to power the drug.

"People who don’t for illustration it, group who are users, group who run businesses, I deliberation these parties person to find a communal crushed connected really to beryllium together."