Threats to US federal judges have doubled since 2021 thanks to political division

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Serious threats to U.S. national judges person much than doubled complete nan past 3 years, portion of a increasing activity of politically driven violence, according to U.S. Marshals Service information reviewed by Reuters.

The agency, responsible for nan protection of 2,700 national judges and much than 30,000 national prosecutors and different tribunal personnel, has seen a crisp emergence successful threats related to nan country’s bitter governmental divisions, Marshals Director Ronald Davis told Reuters successful a caller interview.

Serious threats against federal judges – ones that trigger an investigation by nan agency – roseate to 457 successful fiscal twelvemonth 2023, which ended connected Sept. 30, from 224 successful fiscal 2021, according to nan antecedently unreported data. Serious threats against national prosecutors besides much than doubled, from 68 successful 2021 to 155 successful 2023, nan statistic show.


The spike spans a play that began astir nan clip of nan 2020 statesmanlike election, erstwhile national courts heard a bid of highly politicized cases, including grounded lawsuits revenge by erstwhile President Donald Trump and his backers seeking to overturn his loss. Over nan aforesaid timeframe, predetermination officials saw a barrage of threats from Trump’s supporters, arsenic antecedently documented by Reuters.

Judges and prosecutors progressive successful nan criminal and civilian prosecutions of Trump person reported hundreds of threatening messages linked to those cases, according to tribunal records and nationalist statements by nan targeted officials. Court officials besides person reported threats from activists enraged by nan Supreme Court’s 2022 determination to overturn nan ineligible correct to abortion.

Davis said nan agency has a "growing concern" astir a rising tide of threats fueled by partisan divisions and vitriol connected societal media.

On Wednesday, Davis is scheduled to attest astatine a U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary subcommittee oversight hearing.

The Marshals Service reviews thousands of imaginable threats each twelvemonth against tribunal unit and launches what it calls "protective investigations" connected those it considers nan astir serious. The agency declined to supply specifications connected nan threats.


The Justice Department, erstwhile asked to supply nan number of group charged aliases convicted for threatening judges, said they do not way nan data.

The 457 superior threats against judges successful 2023 marked a melodramatic summation from 2019, erstwhile nan Marshals investigated 179 specified threats, according to nan data.  

In nan past, judges mostly faced threats from group who were upset astir a judge’s determination successful their ain cases, Davis said. Now, he said, galore much are coming from group enraged because of politics.

"The threat situation correct now that is causing maine interest is erstwhile group disagree pinch nan judicial process aliases nan government, and that turns into those verbal attacks," Davis said successful nan interview. "And that is nan opening of nan process that threatens nan judiciary and threatens our democracy."

During his presidency and successful nan years since, Trump has shown a willingness to knock judges who norm against his interests successful highly personalized terms, often suggesting their decisions are politically motivated.

A Trump spokesperson did not respond to a petition for comment.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, successful remarks astatine nan Justice Department connected Jan. 5, expressed siren astatine "a profoundly disturbing spike" successful threats against nationalist officials, saying prosecutors person revenge charges successful cases involving national judges, statesmanlike candidates, members of Congress, nan subject and predetermination workers.  

The lawyer wide warned nan incidents threatened "the cloth of our democracy."

The threats travel amid nan astir sustained spate of governmental unit successful nan United States since nan 1970s, according to a Reuters investigation past year. That reporting documented astatine slightest 232 politically motivated acts of unit since Trump supporters stormed nan U.S. Capitol connected Jan. 6, 2021. Those attacks included everything from riots and brawls astatine governmental demonstrations to politically motivated beatings and killings.