Times Square shooting: Migrant, 15, slapped with attempted murder charges for shooting at police, woman

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A 15-year-old equipped migrant who was wanted for shooting a tourer and firing astatine constabulary successful Times Square connected Thursday has been charged pinch 2 counts of attempted execution and a slew of different crimes.

Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figureoa, 15, collapsed down successful tears arsenic he was apprehended and taken into constabulary custody connected Friday pursuing a short manhunt for nan mayhem that erupted successful New York City's engaged tourer hotspot.

Rivas-Figueroa, who constabulary had said was "armed and dangerous" arsenic they pursued him, has besides been charged pinch assault, attempted battle and 2 counts of criminal possession of a weapon.


Police opportunity nan teen fired a .45 caliber handgun astatine a information defender wrong nan JD Sports clothing shop connected West 42nd Street and Broadway astatine astir 7:05 p.m. aft nan defender had caught Rivas-Figureoa and 2 different teens shoplifting sneakers and clothes.

The changeable missed nan information defender but struck a female Brazilian tourer successful nan limb arsenic Rivas-Figueroa and 1 of nan different shoplifters bolted from nan scene. 

Rivas-Figueroa fired astatine slightest doubly astatine a responding constabulary officer, while a 2nd bull apprehended nan different fleeing shoplifter, nan NYPD said. 

The NYPD quickly launched a hunt for Rivas-Figueroa for nan attempted execution of a constabulary officer.

Rivas-Figueroa was picked up by nan U.S. Marshals Service successful Yonkers, New York, conscionable northbound of nan Bronx, without incident connected Friday astatine astir 3:30 p.m., according to NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban, who said nan perp has a family relationship to nan suburb. He was wearing achromatic jeans and a achromatic t-shirt, arsenic good arsenic a golden concatenation arsenic he was hauled disconnected by authorities, footage shows. Rivas-Figueroa was wearing each achromatic erstwhile constabulary opportunity he opened occurrence successful Times Square.

"The shooting incident past nighttime successful Times Square was measurement beyond reckless," Caban said astatine a Friday evening news convention to denote nan arrest. "In nan mediate of nan busiest, mostly highly-trafficked portion of nan city, a criminal pinch a firearm decides to propulsion nan trigger."

"If you deliberation you onslaught a personnel of this department, if you deliberation you could frighten nan lives of nan very group who support america safe. If you deliberation you could put others astatine deadly consequence and get distant pinch it, past deliberation again," Caban said. "We will ne'er extremity pursuing you. We will find you, and we will apprehension you."


At an earlier news convention connected Friday, authorities said nan teen was surviving successful a impermanent shelter aft migrating from Venezuela. He entered nan U.S. successful September and was staying astatine nan Stratford Arms Hotel connected West 70th Street, which houses migrants, said NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell.

It is unclear if Rivas-Figueroa is successful nan country, legally aliases illegally. 

It is not known whether his lawsuit will spell done family tribunal aliases criminal tribunal owed to his age. A kid who is 13, 14 aliases 15 years aged and is charged pinch committing a superior aliases convulsive felony is considered a juvenile offender nether New York law.

In summation to Thursday's shooting, Rivas-Figureoa is suspected successful an equipped robbery successful nan Bronx and a shots-fired incident successful Midtown Manhattan, Chell said. 

The female changeable Thursday was grazed by a bullet, a Brazilian charismatic pinch knowledge of nan business told Fox News Digital. She was treated astatine a section infirmary and released, constabulary said. 

She is expected to return to Brazil connected Saturday, nan charismatic said. 

"The Police Department was very, very resourceful and benignant to nan woman and really offered a batch of support," nan charismatic said. "The mayor's agency has not reached out, but I don't deliberation there's immoderate request because she was not earnestly injured arsenic nan Police Department was very supportive. She's wholly good and this is not a large issue."

The serviceman was not harmed. 

During his briefing, Chell praised nan actions of the police officer who was fired upon for not returning occurrence successful nan densely populated area. 

"Our bull showed awesome restraint not to occurrence their limb into a crowd of New Yorkers," he said. "His training dictates you person to beryllium prudent erstwhile you're going to occurrence your weapon."

"We're nan astir restrained constabulary section successful nan world, and we proved it past night," Chell added.  

The shooting came astir 2 weeks aft a group of migrants attacked a brace of NYPD officers, besides successful Times Square. Several suspects successful that lawsuit person been indicted, but only 1 is being held successful custody. 


Chell noted that some Venezuelans have posed a nationalist information consequence arsenic nan metropolis continues to struggle pinch an influx of migrants. 

"We saw nan moped robberies and snatches. We spot pockets being picked successful Times Square and connected nan subway. We spot immoderate groups going into stores… and stealing property," he said. 

"The authorities of this constabulary section is we don’t attraction who you are, what your position is," Chell said, referring to nan suspected shoplifting teens being migrants. We’re not going to spell and wide brushwood a full migrant organization arsenic being bad people… our concern, nan community’s interest is to return this equipped and vulnerable juvenile disconnected nan streets," Chell said.

Fox News' Louis Casiano and CB Cotton contributed to this report.