Trump endorses new RNC chair, announces daughter-in-law's run for vice chair

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Former President Donald Trump, connected Monday, announced his recommendations for changes wrong nan Republican National Committee, proposing activity positions for North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley, daughter-in-law Lara Trump and run elder advisor Chris LaCivita.

As he moves person to locking up nan 2024 Republican statesmanlike nomination, Trump has progressively been pushing to exert power and instal loyalists astatine nan nationalist statement committee. And past week, Trump recommended Whatley switch longtime RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel aft this month's South Carolina Republican statesmanlike primary.

A root acquainted pinch nan alteration told Fox News Digital astatine nan clip that Trump was pushing for Whatley to switch McDaniel because he was "so powerful connected predetermination fraud" successful 2020.

On Monday, Trump officially announced that he believes Whatley should beryllium nan RNC’s adjacent leader.

"Michael has been pinch maine from nan beginning, has done a awesome occupation successful his location authorities of North Carolina, and is committed to predetermination integrity, which we must person to support fraud retired of our election, truthful it can’t beryllium stolen," Trump said.


Whatley was a beardown protagonist of Trump's unproven claims that his 2020 predetermination nonaccomplishment to President Biden was owed to monolithic elector fraud.

The rival Democratic National Committee reacted to nan news pinch an email connection titled "Donald Trump Endorses Extreme Election Denier To Lead nan RNC."

Whatley has served arsenic nan North Carolina GOP chair since 2019. Whatley besides serves arsenic nan wide counsel for nan Republican National Committee. 

Prior to his activity pinch nan Republican Party, Whatley served arsenic a national rule clerk, a elder charismatic successful nan President George W. Bush management and arsenic nan main of unit for erstwhile Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C. Whatley besides served arsenic a elder advisor to nan Bush-Cheney campaign, Florida Recount and Transition Teams, arsenic good arsenic nan Trump-Pence run and modulation teams. 

Along pinch looking to get Whatley into nan apical activity position successful nan committee, Trump announced plans for his daughter-in-law Lara Trump to tally arsenic co-chair of nan RNC.


"Lara is an highly talented communicator and is dedicated to each that MAGA stands for," nan erstwhile president said. "She has told maine she wants to judge this situation and would beryllium GREAT!"

The 3rd position Trump hopes to person power connected wrong nan committee is main operating officer. He'd for illustration to spot seasoned Republican strategist Chris LaCivita, who's a apical advisor successful Trump's 2024 campaign, successful that role.

"Chris will negociate nan RNC’s day-to-day operations, truthful it will go a fighting instrumentality for 2024 and usage each nan devices disposable to triumph for nan American people," Trump said.

If LaCivita ends up astatine nan RNC, it would beryllium his 2nd circuit of duty. He served arsenic a elder RNC advisor during nan summertime and autumn of 2016, during Trump's predetermination to nan White House.


The erstwhile president besides said nan 3 individuals are "highly talented, battle-tested, and smart," adding they person his "complete and full endorsement" to lead nan RNC.

As Trump seeks to triumph backmost his aged occupation successful nan White House, he stated connected Monday really important it was for nan RNC to beryllium a bully partner during nan election.

"That intends helping to guarantee adjacent and transparent elections crossed nan country, getting retired nan ballot everyplace – moreover successful parts of nan state wherever it won’t beryllium easy – and moving pinch my campaign, arsenic nan Republican presumptive nominee for President, to triumph this predetermination and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN," he exclaimed.


Trump precocious met pinch McDaniel astatine his Mar-a-Lago nine  in Palm Beach, Florida, and aft nan meeting, he posted connected his Truth Social level that McDaniel was a "friend" but that he would beryllium urging changes astatine nan RNC aft nan South Carolina statesmanlike primary.

The erstwhile president pointed to McDaniel's erstwhile tenure arsenic chair of nan Michigan GOP.

"I deliberation she did OK, initially, successful nan RNC. I would opportunity correct now, there’ll astir apt beryllium immoderate changes made," he added.

McDaniel was nominated arsenic RNC chair by Trump soon aft his statesmanlike predetermination triumph successful 2016, and she won re-election successful 2019, 2021, and January of past year. 

While she ended up easy winning her past re-election, she faced a vocal faction of far-right detractors who viewed her arsenic excessively adjacent to nan party’s constitution wing.

She’s besides travel nether plentifulness of disapproval successful caller months complete nan RNC’s finances.

Alarms are ringing complete nan party’s fundraising heading into nan wide election. The RNC ended 2023 pinch conscionable $8 cardinal successful rate connected hand, little than half arsenic overmuch arsenic nan Democratic National Committee. 

But arsenic Fox News Digital was first to report, nan RNC did haul successful $12 cardinal successful January, its champion monthly fundraising haul successful nan 2024 predetermination cycle.

And Trump, who is nan commanding front-runner for nan Republican information arsenic he bids for nan White House a 3rd consecutive time, was angry astatine McDaniel and nan RNC successful caller months for holding GOP statesmanlike superior debates, which he skipped.

When she won re-election past year, McDaniel said successful an question and reply pinch Fox News that it would beryllium her past two-year word steering nan nationalist statement committee.

If McDaniel does resign, her replacement would request support from a mostly of nan 168 RNC committee members.

McDaniel addressed nan speculation past week successful a missive to RNC members, reassuring them that she was still difficult astatine activity arsenic RNC chairwoman, "building a instrumentality that will elite Republicans up and down nan ballot successful November." 

But an RNC committee personnel who asked to stay anonymous told Fox News Digital. "If Trump continues to triumph primaries, astir of nan 168 will travel his lead whether he picks Whatley aliases personification else.  Maybe he'll look dense guidance from extracurricular nan committee, but not from wrong it."

South Carolina's Feb. 24 superior is nan adjacent awesome title successful nan GOP statesmanlike nominating calendar, and polls propose that Trump holds a ample double-digit lead successful nan superior complete his past remaining awesome rival - erstwhile South Carolina politician and erstwhile U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley.

"Trump conscionable announced he is rearranging nan platform chairs connected nan Titanic. Under Donald Trump and existent RNC leadership, Republicans mislaid elections successful 2018, 2020, and 2022, and now nan RNC is efficaciously bankrupt," Haley statesmanlike run head Betsy Ankney said successful a statement. "Nikki Haley's scheme for nan RNC? Blow it each up."

Fox News' Brooke Singman  contributed to this report.