Tyreek Hill responds to fan ripping him for leaving Chiefs, who will play in back-to-back Super Bowls

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As nan Kansas City Chiefs get group to play successful their 4th Super Bowl successful nan past 5 seasons, an NFL instrumentality decided to return a changeable astatine 1 of their erstwhile wide receivers, Tyreek Hill. 

Hill, nan Miami Dolphins' speedy star, has 1 Super Bowl ringing connected his manus aft Kansas City hit nan San Francisco 49ers – who will play nan Chiefs successful Super Bowl LVIII – successful 2020. 

However, Hill’s clip pinch nan squad ended earlier nan 2022 campaign, erstwhile he requested a waste and acquisition to nan Dolphins. 


With nan Chiefs making nan Super Bowl successful back-to-back seasons without him, 1 instrumentality decided to rip him connected X. 

"Tyreek Hill missed retired connected 2 ace bowls because he wanted to play pinch Tua [Tagovailoa] lmaoo," nan personification posted. 

Hill took nan precocious crushed pinch his response, though. 


"We surviving our champion life successful Miami also. Don’t interest our clip coming," he wrote backmost pinch a smiling emoji. 

Hill is surely thriving successful Miami, posting career-bests successful receiving yards this past season, including 1,799 yards to lead nan NFL pinch 119 receptions and 13 touchdowns complete 16 games. He sewage his 5th first-team All-Pro nod, while making his eighth Pro Bowl. 

But, arsenic we each know, Super Bowl rings are amended than nan individual accolades, and nan Chiefs are going for their 3rd successful what galore see nan adjacent NFL dynasty. Hill could beryllium a portion of that dynasty, but statement negotiations didn’t spell arsenic planned. 

Instead, nan Chiefs traded Hill to nan Dolphins, who gave him a four-year, $120 cardinal statement erstwhile he arrived. 

The Dolphins were 1 of nan champion teams successful nan NFL this season, particularly connected nan violative broadside of nan ball, wherever Tagovailoa and Hill some looked for illustration early MVP candidates. But devastating injuries connected nan defense, and a deficiency of consistency from Tagovailoa and nan offense, led to a wild-card information exit connected nan roadworthy against nan Chiefs. 

So, because nan Dolphins haven’t been capable to lucifer nan occurrence of nan Chiefs successful Hill’s first 2 years successful nan Sunshine State, immoderate fans judge he made nan incorrect prime by leaving Patrick Mahomes & Co. 

But Hill has ever been assured successful Tagovailoa, caput coach Mike McDaniel, and nan remainder of nan statement successful Miami. 

He believes their clip is coming, truthful jabs from fans are not bugging him, moreover pinch nan "Big Game" group for kickoff Sunday and his erstwhile squad representing nan AFC erstwhile again.