Valentine's Day gifts: Americans expected to spend $25.8 billion this year

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Millions of Americans will partake successful gift giving and exchanging tomorrow connected Valentine's Day. Because of this, circumstantial industries and awesome corporations will profit enormously from nan generosity of loved ones astir nan country.

While immoderate gift givers for illustration to manus make items to prevention financially, others ammunition retired hundreds, and moreover thousands, for royal gifts. Flowers, candies, and jewelry are conscionable a fewer of nan celebrated gifts important others will person this holiday.

The National Retail Federation estimates that total spending for Valentine’s Day successful 2024 will beryllium $25.8 billion. While nan cardinal dollar estimation is high, it is down somewhat from nan $25.9 cardinal estimated by nan root successful 2023.


Consumers will walk an mean of $185.81 connected nan holiday, nan aforesaid root estimates.

Some couples are much celebratory of Valentine's Day than others. In 2024, 29% of group will not beryllium celebrating done gift purchases and elaborate dates. However, they are expected to dainty themselves connected Feb. 14, aliases bask an evening retired pinch friends. A specified 3% of group observe anti-Valentine's Day, according to nan source. 

The apical 5 gifts that consumers scheme connected giving their partners this twelvemonth are candy, greeting cards, flowers, an evening retired and jewelry.

It is estimated by nan root that 57% of group will beryllium gifting candy this year, 40% greeting cards, 39% flowers, 32% an evening retired and 22% jewelry, rounding retired nan apical 5 celebrated gifts.

Retailers that waste those types of equipment are anticipated to profit handsomely astir Valentine's Day.

Here are nan gifts that Americans are expected to bargain for Valentine's Day — and really overmuch they're apt to walk connected these items.

Flowers are a classical measurement to show emotion to a important other. Flower companies profit enormously. Throughout nan year, Americans acquisition flowers for occasions including Mother's Day, Easter and New Year's Day.

For Valentine's Day, Americans spell large — and successful 2024, they're expected to walk $2.6 cardinal connected flowers and floral arrangements.

In 2019, nan online floral retailer The Bouqs Co. told FOX Business that nan institution typically racks up much than $1 cardinal per time successful income starring up to occasions including Mother’s Day aliases Valentine’s Day.

Christina Stembel, founder and CEO of Farmgirl Flowers, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce flower company, learned that though monolithic trading campaigns were geared toward men during Valentine’s Day for flowers, it was women who were often nan buyers.


"When I started researching nan flower space, I was amazed to find retired that 80% of nan group who bargain flowers are women buying for women," Stembel told FOX Business successful 2019.

Americans statesman to spot heart-shaped cocoa boxes look connected shelves soon aft Christmas. Both chocolates and saccharine candy are celebrated gifts to bargain for others astir Valentine's Day.

As 1 of nan biggest cocoa and sweetener confectionery manufacturers successful nan country, Hershey’s stands to profit rather a spot connected Valentine’s Day successful 2024 by advertizing well-known brands specified arsenic Reese’s, Twizzlers and Kit Kat.

In fact, Reese's had an advertisement during nan 2024 Super Bowl unveiling their caller caramel peanut food cups. 

For Valentine's Day, Hershey's packages galore of its products successful heart-shaped boxes to thrust up gross moreover more. A institution spokesperson indicated that Valentine's Day is classed arsenic nan company's fourth-biggest play down Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

Smaller companies besides make a immense profit connected Valentine's Day, though nan value of tasty cocoa treats has accrued complete nan years. 

Dan Abel Jr., boy of nan Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company's founder, told FOX Business successful 2022 that astir a 3rd of their wide gross comes conscionable from Valentine's Day. The Valentine's preparations statesman earlier February, he says.

"We walk portion of December and each of January making truffles and bosom boxes, marshmallow hearts, caramel hearts," Abel said.


Clothing and lingerie companies bring successful large net for nan Valentine’s season. Victoria's Secret stands arsenic nan biggest lingerie retailer. Victoria's Secret & Co. is nan genitor institution of some Victoria's Secret and PINK. Victoria's Secret antecedently fell nether L Brands, but became independent successful August 2021. 

Adore Me besides drives an summation successful income astir Valentine's Day.

Adore Me is simply a New York-based lingerie business that has seen tremendous maturation since launching successful 2012. Morgan Hermand-Waiche, nan laminitis of Adore Me, told FOX Business backmost successful 2017 that income measurement typically picks up 3 to 5 times connected a regular ground astir Valentine’s Day season.

The founder, who launched nan business arsenic a start-up retired of his dorm astatine Harvard, besides talked astir nan maturation nan institution has seen since its start.

"I started Adore Me still arsenic a student; my Harvard Business School professors were my first investors," Hermand-Waiche said. "Since its inception, [we] person knowledgeable exponential growth. In 2012, our revenues were $1.1 million; successful 2013, they grew to $5.6 million; by 2014, we were grossing $16 million; and successful 2015, we raked successful $42.6 million."

Savage x Fenty, Rihanna's lingerie line is different institution that puts a ample accent connected trading astir Valentine's Day. Although nan marque started disconnected arsenic an online retailer, galore shops are popping up crossed nan United States.

Greeting cards brace nicely pinch immoderate Valentine's Day gift, and companies for illustration Hallmark are expected to profit enormously astir Valentine's Day arsenic it's nan second-biggest vacation for nan institution down Christmas.

The company's website indicates nan first Hallmark Valentine's Day postcards were sold successful 1910, pinch nan first greeting cards hitting shelves a fewer years later successful 1916.


Now, nan institution sells millions of cards each twelvemonth for nan vacation successful a assortment of designs for anyone, from important others to parents to friends.

Jewelry companies besides profit good during nan Valentine’s Day season. Jewelry is 1 of nan astir communal categories of gifts fixed astir nan holiday.

Some celebrated jewelry retailers during Valentine's Day are Tiffany & Co., Mejuri, Blue Nile and Kay Jewelers.

Many besides take Valentine's Day to popular nan question. In fact, it's 1 of nan astir celebrated days of nan twelvemonth to get engaged, helping boost jewelry shops' profits.