Why America’s kids are hip to BLM and LGBT but are failing ABC and 123

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Did you cognize nan first afloat week of February is nan ceremony of "Black Lives Matter Week of Action" successful many nationalist schools?  

It’s puzzling to see why nationalist schools – whose work is to service nan taxpayers by educating children successful academics and citizenship – would group speech an full week to beforehand an statement that boldly claimed it, "Disrupts nan Western prescribed atomic family structure," and inspires young group to riot. But since I was a public schoolhouse coach for 28 years, I cognize precisely why America’s schools person mislaid their ngo to educate.    

The reason? Unions, axenic and simple. 


In fact, alleged teachers unions helped commencement BLM. I cognize this because they bragged astir it connected nan beforehand screen of a mag they utilized to unit connected my hubby erstwhile he was a professor astatine a state-run university.  

Most group deliberation unions beryllium to thief teachers pinch bargaining for wages and moving conditions, but aft 70 corporate years of being forced to money unions, my hubby and I request to differ.  Unions don’t thief teachers, they harm everything teachers cherish – including nan students successful our charge. And that harm is incalculable.  

Unions are down nan nonaccomplishment of world state successful nan nationalist schools. They’re nan inspiration down politicized curriculum, debased and declining capacity successful connection and math, and saddest of all, nan sexualization of children.   

Biggest pushers of revisionist history? The alleged teachers unions. Abortion connected demand? Keeping that concealed from parents? Switching genders? Keeping that from parents? Allowing boys to predominate girls’ sports? Schooling successful societal activism? Racism? Class warfare? Unions, unions, unions.  

And wrong nan profession, much union-led bad news. Unions bully and subvert bully teachers while supporting extremist activists (including BLM leaders), turning schools into indoctrination centers and driving bully teachers away.  

It wasn’t ever so. U.S. schoolchildren a procreation ago, aliases before, compared good pinch students successful different countries. Core subjects received arsenic overmuch accent present arsenic they did in, say, Great Britain aliases India aliases New Zealand.  

Not truthful these days. That’s why astir half nan nation’s 4th-, 8th- and 11th-graders trial truthful poorly successful reference and math. Not moreover half of them tin execute astatine "grade level," which is an world modular that’s been dumbed down complete caller years because truthful galore students were failing. This is simply a catastrophe!   

Not a beautiful show for parents hoping their kids will bask a much prosperous early than they had. And it’s particularly egregious because unions sewage america here, and they opened nan doorway to BLM friends who activity information nan timepiece pinch unions to person our children they’re either oppressed aliases oppressors.  

It’s troubling to statement that tyrants passim history person utilized specified "divide and conquer" strategies to destabilize and destruct nations, and those strategies are working, correct present successful America’s classrooms, each acknowledgment to unions.  

Especially telling is nan proportionality of teachers successful authorities schools who nonstop their ain children to backstage schools. Nationally, astir 10% of children be backstage schools. But according to a Chalkboard News item, astir 21.5% of teachers moving successful authorities schools nonstop their children to backstage schools.  

In cities wherever union-inspired policies reign, nan fraction is higher: Philadelphia 44%, Cincinnati 41%, San Francisco-Oakland 34%.  

In Chicago, moreover nan teachers national president, Stacy Davis Gates, sends a kid to backstage schoolhouse – each while badmouthing alternatives to authorities schools. And astir 39% of her chap teachers agree, sending their kids to non-government schools.  

Parents whitethorn wonder: What do these teachers cognize that we don’t? The reply is reasonably clear. 

What non-union alternatives, realistically, tin parents pursue? 

Parents tin location school. National organizations for illustration Public School Exit tin thief pinch coach and genitor training, program selection, textbooks, people outlines, networking, acquisition co-ops and different matters that make homeschooling a viable option.  


Online learning has grown, particularly during nan pandemic lockdowns.  

Non-union nationalist charter schools, nationalist magnet schools, backstage schools (religious and otherwise), co-ops and one-room schoolhouse houses each are morganatic options and person seen enrollments turn arsenic quickly arsenic enrollments person declined successful nan nation’s authorities schools.  

In a amended time, nan acquisition "troika" that guided America’s schools consisted of "The Education Triangle:" students, parents and teachers. Today’s "troika" sadly consists of unions, typical interests and union-funded politicians astatine nan disbursal of everyone else. Together they person engineered a authorities schoolhouse strategy that is not only outrageously costly and utilized to propagandize our children, but that doesn’t present moreover rudimentary basal acquisition to its students. 

That’s by design, and it’s an existential threat to nan early of America.  

Alternatives are looking amended each nan time. The authorities schools whitethorn immoderate time return to their position arsenic trustworthy educators of nan nation’s children, but that will ne'er hap until nan unions and their friends are utterly eradicated from our schools.